SGRP Ships
The following ships are custom made, and is not in the original Gundam series.

| Eternal Darkness |

#ShadowGundamRP Ships - Eternal Darkness
Name: Eternal Darkness

Unit Type: Prototype Stealth Battleship

Model Number: PSB-X666

Manufacturer: Shadow Union

Operator: Shadow Union

Known Captains: Lilith, Rene Croix, Angelis Ravenclaw

Known Crew:
Rene Croix
Angelis Ravenclaw
Legna Ravenclaw
Hiryuu Ravenclaw
Plus many others..

Overall Length: 450 meters

Food & Quarters
MS Hangar
3x MS Catapult

Armor: Ablative armor

2x positron blaster cannon
5x 225cm dark-energy beam cannon
5x 42cm triple cannon
Many x 75mm automatic multi-barrel CIWS
Many x surface-to-ship missile launcher
Many x surface-to-air missile launcher
Many x anti-beam depth charge launchers

Special Equipments and Features:
5x METEOR units
Ablative Gel
Complete Stealth System vS2
Dark-Energy Emitter
Deuterion Beam Emitter
ECM Canceller vS2
Neutron Jammer Canceller vS2
Radar Jammer Canceller vS2

Optional Equipments
Space Booster

Mobile Weapons:
PSAF-X666 Shadow
GAT-X105+AQM/E-X03 Black Jack
XZX0-666A Shadow Fury
XVA0-666A Creeping Death
XZX0-666A Shadow of Death
XZX0-666A Shadow of Chaos
Plus many other Mobile Weapons