SGRP Alliances
The following alliances are custom made, and is not in the original Gundam series.

| Shadow Union |

#ShadowGundamRP Alliances - Shadow Union
Alliance Symbol
Alliance Name: Shadow Union

Type of Alliance: Underground Alliance

Date Established: Unknown

Alliance Background:
The Shadow Union was formed by a vampire named Lilith. She is the admiral of the Shadow Union and the pilot of the Shadow, or the Shadow Gundam, a famous Gundam who has the most killing streaks and hardly any damage done to it during this time period. Lilith and her main navigator, Rene Croix are both legends within the killing streak. Both assassins have killed their fair share of the greatest pilots and Lilith only accepts the best pilots around who are skilled both mentally and physically with their mobile suits. One example of a fine work of professional work is Angelis Ravenclaw, a trained high ranking assassin vampire. He is only one of the three Ravenclaw triplets that hold a high rank among the staff in the Shadow Union. Every pilot and member of the Shadow Union depend on the helping hand of their staffed mechanic Rene Croix and her team of helpers to get them through each war. The Third Bloody Valentine War between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance was started by the Shadow Union on C.E 79. Lilith killed the admiral of Earth Alliance and blew up the ship using the ZAFT's explosives that were designed by the Shadow Union's mechanics, effectively starting the Third Bloody Valentine War between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance. The real intentions of the Shadow Union is unknown, and not much is known about this mysterious alliance however all that is known is that their next strike will come from out of the blue. No one really knows their actual location thus keeping them a dangerous enemy.

Admiral: Lilith
Vice-Admiral: Angelis Ravenclaw

Notable Members:
Rene Croix
Angelis Ravenclaw
Legna Ravenclaw
Hiryuu Ravenclaw

Notable Ships:
Eternal Darkness

Notable Gundams:
PSAF-X666 Shadow
GAT-X105+AQM/E-X03 Black Jack
XZX0-666A Shadow Fury
XZX0-666A Shadow of Death
XZX0-666A Shadow of Chaos

Notable Bases:
Darkness Falls

Notable Operations:
Operation Pitch Black